Japan: 3 weeks, wow!

July saw the team giving multiple talks at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in Beppu, and in Tokyo for our seminars for the Cross-Cultural Conversation on Emotional AI: Japan and UK project. With delegates from New School for Social Research in New York, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Bangor University, University of Edinburgh, Keele University, Kyoto University, Freie Universität Berlin, University of Meiji, University of Sheffield, Rikko University, University of British Columbia Chapel Hill University, Chuo University, Ministry of Defense, Sensum, ITD-GBS Tokyo, Doshisha University and independent artists, these were always going to be lively and fun events.

Big thanks to Kenji and the Tokyo Ritsumeikan team for humour and invaluable help. Lots of practical outcomes and follow-ups, but it was refreshing to go into the set of conversations with no preconceptions of what the answers are.

Full report to follow in next week or two in advance of the Digital Catapult seminar in London on 9th of Sept, but expect it to focus on principles of respect (policy as well as normative), need for greater sensitivity to cultural (and even spiritual) dimension of objects/cities, and blurring of subject/objects. Vital: if you’re a company working in this area, invest in social and cross-cultural ethical thinkers.

Japan pepper-emotional-support-robot 1.jpg
Andrew McStay