Publications, reports and talks

Academic and theory-based

  • McStay, A. (2018Emotional AI: The Rise of Empathic Media. London: Sage. click here for sample chapter. 

  • McStay, A. (2017) An Ethical Intervention into Conscious Cities, Conscious Cities. Click here.

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UN, parliament and government reports/submissions


Other bits and pieces



  • emotional AI, ethics and workplace automation (2019/forthcoming) CIPD: FESTIVAL of Work, Haymarket Media, London.

  • Challenges of the (Post)Digital Age (Izazovi (Post)digitalnog doba) (2019/forthcoming), Belgrade, Serbia.

  • Spilling into the city: ai and advertising (2019/forthcoming) goldsmiths, university of london.

  • Emotiveillance: Smart Advertising, Retail and the Privacy Problem (2019) Liverpool Screen School, LJMU.

  • Intimacy in the age of ARTIFICIAL intelligence (2018) Grounded festival, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

  • Intimacy and the Civic Body: Emotional AI and the City (2018) Information Law and Policy Centre, London.

  • Emotional AI: Nature, Form, Ethics, Governance (2018) School of information, Pratt Institute, New York.

  • Symposium/Roundtable on ‘AI and Creative Practice’ (2018) Bond University, Queensland, Australia.

  • Emotional AI and urbanism (2018) tickbirdandrhino, Stockwool architecture, london.

  • All Smiles? Emotional AI, Voice-First, Ethics, Citizens and Ubiquitous Feeling-Into (2018) #ReworkAI, San Francisco.

  • Understanding the Significance of Emotional AI and Empathic Media (2018), New Lines of (In)Sight, CRISP, University of Stirling.

  • Fake news, advertising and emotion profiling (2017) Houses of Westminster, London.

  • Empathic Media: The Case of Advertising (2017), CPDP, Brussels.

  • Empathic Media and Gaming (2016), MediaX, Stanford University, US.

  • Empathic Media: From Questions of Privacy to Intimacy (2016), ICA, Fukuoka, Japan.

  • Researching Empathic Media: Corporate Access, Methods and Ethics (2016) Researching Hidden Power conference, University of Sheffield.

  • Empathic Media and Advertising (2016), LCC conference on Future of Advertising, University of the Arts London.

  • Empathic Media: At Work (2016), Society for Computers and Law, London, 11KB.

  • Empathic Media and Consent (2016) Digital Catapult, London.

  • Veillant Media: ‘Veillant Panoptic Assemblage and Emotiveillance (2016), Department of Computer Engineering, University of Toronto (Vian Bakir co-presenter).

  • What of Consent in an Age of Empathic Media (2015) Meaningful Consent workshop, University of Southampton.

  • Empathic media and Cultural Mediations of Transparency. (2015) DATAPSST!, ESRC Seminar. Kings College London.

  • Towards an Understanding of Emotional Analytics (2014) Marketing Communications Society, University of Greenwich, London.

  • Exploring the Pharmacology of Empathic Media (2014) Centre for the Study of Science and Imagination, University of Westminster, London.

  • Toward Empathic Media: Key questions on Privacy, Surveillance & Governance (2014), ESRC funded workshop on Privacy, Surveillance and Governance in the Digital Society, University of Sheffield., United.

Interviews/documentary (television and press)


  • 2019, Kulturni dnevnik (TV RTS, Serbia), video

  • 2019, Studio City, RTV Slovenija, Video

  • 2018, Drawing the Line’, Sensum, video

Press and radio

  • Scientific American, The Sun, New York Post, The Guardian, The Register, ABC Radio (Australia), BBC Radio 4, BBC Wales, BBC Worldwide, Information Week, Information Age, WPP, ESOMAR, Privacy & Business Law.

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Out June 2018, pre-order here.

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