Publications, reports and talks

Academic and theory-based

  • McStay, A. (2018Emotional AI: The Rise of Empathic Media. London: Sage. click here for sample chapter. 

  • McStay, A. (2017) An Ethical Intervention into Conscious Cities, Conscious Cities. Click here.

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UN, parliament and government reports/submissions


Other bits and pieces



  • Ethics fatigue? Emotional AI, citizen perspectives & implications for MarTech (2019) International Conference on Affective Computing & Intelligent Interaction (ACII 2019)( Social & Emotion AI for Industry), UNIVERSITY of Cambridge, UK.

  • emotional AI, ethics and workplace automation (2019/forthcoming) CIPD: FESTIVAL of Work, Haymarket Media, London.

  • Challenges of the (Post)Digital Age (Izazovi (Post)digitalnog doba) (2019/forthcoming), Belgrade, Serbia.

  • Spilling into the city: ai and advertising (2019/forthcoming) goldsmiths, university of london.

  • Emotiveillance: Smart Advertising, Retail and the Privacy Problem (2019) Liverpool Screen School, LJMU.

  • Intimacy in the age of ARTIFICIAL intelligence (2018) Grounded festival, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

  • Intimacy and the Civic Body: Emotional AI and the City (2018) Information Law and Policy Centre, London.

  • Emotional AI: Nature, Form, Ethics, Governance (2018) School of information, Pratt Institute, New York.

  • Symposium/Roundtable on ‘AI and Creative Practice’ (2018) Bond University, Queensland, Australia.

  • Emotional AI and urbanism (2018) tickbirdandrhino, Stockwool architecture, london.

  • All Smiles? Emotional AI, Voice-First, Ethics, Citizens and Ubiquitous Feeling-Into (2018) #ReworkAI, San Francisco.

  • Understanding the Significance of Emotional AI and Empathic Media (2018), New Lines of (In)Sight, CRISP, University of Stirling.

  • Fake news, advertising and emotion profiling (2017) Houses of Westminster, London.

  • Empathic Media: The Case of Advertising (2017), CPDP, Brussels.

  • Empathic Media and Gaming (2016), MediaX, Stanford University, US.

  • Empathic Media: From Questions of Privacy to Intimacy (2016), ICA, Fukuoka, Japan.

  • Researching Empathic Media: Corporate Access, Methods and Ethics (2016) Researching Hidden Power conference, University of Sheffield.

  • Empathic Media and Advertising (2016), LCC conference on Future of Advertising, University of the Arts London.

  • Empathic Media: At Work (2016), Society for Computers and Law, London, 11KB.

  • Empathic Media and Consent (2016) Digital Catapult, London.

  • Veillant Media: ‘Veillant Panoptic Assemblage and Emotiveillance (2016), Department of Computer Engineering, University of Toronto (Vian Bakir co-presenter).

  • What of Consent in an Age of Empathic Media (2015) Meaningful Consent workshop, University of Southampton.

  • Empathic media and Cultural Mediations of Transparency. (2015) DATAPSST!, ESRC Seminar. Kings College London.

  • Towards an Understanding of Emotional Analytics (2014) Marketing Communications Society, University of Greenwich, London.

  • Exploring the Pharmacology of Empathic Media (2014) Centre for the Study of Science and Imagination, University of Westminster, London.

  • Toward Empathic Media: Key questions on Privacy, Surveillance & Governance (2014), ESRC funded workshop on Privacy, Surveillance and Governance in the Digital Society, University of Sheffield., United.

Interviews/documentary (television and press)


  • 2019, Kulturni dnevnik (TV RTS, Serbia), video

  • 2019, Studio City, RTV Slovenija, Video

  • 2018, Drawing the Line’, Sensum, video

Press and radio

  • Scientific American, MIT TECH REVIEW, BUZZFEED, The Sun, New York Post, The Guardian, The Register, ABC Radio (Australia), CANAL, BBC Radio 4, BBC Wales, BBC Worldwide, Information Week, Information Age, WPP, ESOMAR, Privacy & Business Law.

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